What Programs Do We Offer?

Golf Course Based Programs:

At our green grass facilities, we offer weekly classes as well as what we call "value-added" opportunities such as leagues, clinics, and more. In each of our seven-week sessions, time is spent warming up, learning about the Key Commitment for that day, and rotating between golf stations with topics ranging from putting, chipping, pitching, or full swing. Because we are first and foremost a youth development organization, we focus on seamlessly integrating our Key Commitments, and we help participants understand how important these values are on and off the golf course. Participants attend class one day per week, and offerings depend on the facility. Please view the schedules located in the programs tab when planning. To be added to our weekly email distribution list, please email [email protected]

Weekly Classes

How Registration Works: You will view the schedule and sign up for the day and time that works for your child. For example, if your child is 5 or 6 years old, you would view the schedule for the Ages 5-6 class opportunities at your desired facility. Your child may only register for 1 class per week! Classes fill quickly, so we recommend signing up as soon as possible. Financial aid is available during the registration process. See more details below. Registration Fees:
  • Ages 5-6: $60 per participant for a 7-week session
  • Ages 7 & up: $85 per participant for a 7-week session
  • Financial Aid: We have an unlimited number of financial aid opportunities available for anyone needing financial assistance. Simply begin the registration process, and when prompted, click the “financial aid” option.

After-School Programs:

Our after-school program is known as Drive4Success. We partner with 14 local Elementary Schools to deliver a modified golf and character education program on site at the school. For more information, please click here. 

Our Philosophy

First Tee Life Skills Experience™ is a curriculum developed by experts in the field of positive youth development and delivered by trained coaches. Through this experience, participants learn to apply life skills and transfer the positive values of golf to everyday life. In 2011, First Tee Nine Healthy Habits™ was added to the curriculum as a framework for teaching young people healthy habits through golf. This comprehensive approach to educating young people on physical, social, and emotional wellness was created in collaboration with the Annika Foundation and the Florida Hospital for Children to promote active and healthy lifestyles. An independent research study confirmed that youth involved in First Tee Life Skills Experience™ learn and use life skills on the golf course and transfer these skills to other areas of their life. In fact, 100% of First Tee participants interviewed said they transferred life skills learned at First Tee to school. Within the First Tee program, 78% of youth are transferring skills such as decision-making, goal setting, and managing their emotions from the golf course into the classroom, as well as other areas of their lives including situations with friends, family, after school activities, and jobs. The study also revealed First Tee Life Skills Experience’s ability to impact core values on youth. After participating in First Tee for three years, 73% reported high confidence in their academic ability and 82% felt confident in their social abilities with peers.