Please view the list of frequently asked questions for parents and guardians who are new or returning to First Tee. If you have additional questions, please email Jordan at [email protected]

Traditional FAQ:

Q: How do I register my child for golf course-based programs?
A: Click HERE to see step-by-step directions for how to register your child for our First Tee programs.

Q: How does the check-in/check-out system work?
A: All participants in a Little Linkster, PLAYer, or Par class must be checked in and checked out by a parent or legal guardian at the designated class meeting area. Parents/Guardians must initial next to their player’s name when signing in and out. Participants will not be released to the parking lot after class.

Q: Does my participant need to wear the provided t-shirt (Little Linkster, PLAYer, Par)/polo (Birdie, Eagle, Ace) to class?
A: Yes, provided the weather is conducive, all participants must wear their designated shirt to class. This helps the coaches identify who is in the program.

Q: If my participant is new to the program, at which level should they start?
A: All new participants ages 7 and up will start at our PLAYer Level. Any new participant who is 5 or 6 will start at our Little Linksters Level.

Q: Is experience necessary to participate?
A: No experience is necessary. We will teach you everything you need to know!

Q: Where do we meet for class?
A: Near the putting green unless otherwise specified.

Q: How do we know if class is cancelled for weather?
A:  We will notify everyone a minimum of 90 minutes before the start of class time if classes are cancelled or by 7:30 a.m. for Saturday morning classes.

Q: What should my participant wear to class?
A: In addition to the shirt that is provided, please also make sure your participant is wearing athletic footwear.

Q: Does my participant need golf clubs?
A: If your participant has their own clubs, they are welcome to bring them to class. For those who do not have clubs, we will provide any equipment that is needed.

Q: What should we bring?
A: Bring a water bottle and a towel to keep cool on warm days, and if your participant has clubs, please feel free to bring them.

Q: What if my participant is going to miss a class?
A: Email Jordan at [email protected] to let her know that you will miss a class. This allows for the coaches to make adjustments as necessary.

Q: Are there make-ups if there is a weather cancellation?
A: We host a make-up opportunity after 2 classes are missed. Make ups are not hosted after the first missed class as we build in an extra week for flexibility.

Q: If my participant cannot attend a class, can they attend a different class during the week as a make-up?
A: Participants are only allowed to attend the class in which they are registered for. If your participant misses a class, it is their responsibility to complete the assigned book work.

Q: As a parent or guardian, what should I expect or do during class?
A: At the Little Linkster and PLAYer levels, we request that parents or guardians to remain at the facility throughout class. Should your participant need something, (i.e. to use the restroom) we prefer the parents to assist the participant. Parents at the Par, Birdie, Eagle, and Ace levels are welcome to stay and observe, but it is not a requirement.

Q: Are parents or guardians allowed to participate in class?
A: While we welcome you to stay and observe the class, we ask that parents and guardians refrain from participating in the class. Should you be interested in volunteering, please contact Jordan Hall at [email protected]

Q: How does my participant progress through the program?
A: Once your participant meets the minimum age requirement and certifies at their respective level, they have the opportunity to move up to the next level. For more information about this process, click here.

Q: When and where are certifications conducted?
A:  Certification information is emailed out in Chapter Chatter and weekly updates. It can also be found on our website by clicking here.  If you’re not sure if your participant is eligible to move up to the next level, please refer to the Certification Supplement or email Jordan at [email protected].