Session 4 – 2023

Session 4 will begin the week of September 18th! Registration has closed for this session.

For program questions or to be added to our newsletter, please email [email protected]

In each of our seven-week sessions, time is spent warming up, learning about the Key Commitment for the day, and rotating between golf stations with topics ranging from putting, chipping, pitching, or full swing. Because we are first and foremost a youth development organization, we focus on seamlessly integrating our Key Commitments, and we help participants understand how important these values are on and off the golf course. Participants may only attend class one day per week, and offerings depend on the facility. Please view the schedule located above to find the best fit for your participant(s).

Registration Fees:

  • Little Linkster: $60 per participant for a 7-week session
  • Ages 7 & up: $85 per participant for a 7-week session
  • Financial Aid: We have an unlimited number of opportunities available for anyone needing financial assistance. If you are selected off the waitlist, you will simply go through the registration process, and when prompted, click the “financial aid” option.